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Schools and participating organizations are provided with Certificates of Achievement to award to their Local Honoree(s), and Certificates of Merit that can be awarded to two runners-up. We encourage you to present these certificates and publicly recognize your top applicants. This recognition shines a well-deserved spotlight on young volunteers and holds them up as role models for their peers. A few suggestions for recognizing your top applicants:

Hold a certificate presentation

  • Present certificates to the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up at an assembly, parent meeting, board meeting or other event by the end of January. (For replacement certificates, call 1-877-525-8491.)
  • Invite a local Prudential representative to help present the certificates. (You can find one at
  • Contact local news media with the time, date and place of your award presentation.
  • Arrange for a photo with school/organization officials, the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up and the Prudential representative presenting the certificates. Send it to local news outlets with a news release.

Spread the word

  • Announce the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up in parent organization, school district and other community publications.
  • Encourage internal publications to do a feature story on the students and their volunteer activities.
  • Post a congratulatory message on the building's marquee.
  • Acknowledge the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up at a board meeting.
  • Highlight the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up on your website and social media.
  • Recognize the Local Honoree(s) and runners-up during morning announcements.
  • Ask the Local Honoree(s) to speak about their volunteer activity at a school assembly or organization meeting.