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Schools & Organizations

General Information for Schools and Organizations

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is a nationwide program for young people in grades 5-12 who are volunteering in their communities. The program is conducted on the local level through public and private middle level and high schools across the United States and through these officially designated local organizations:
  • Girl Scout councils
  • County 4-H organizations
  • American Red Cross chapters
  • YMCAs
  • Affiliates of HandsOn Network
Interested applicants must apply online or fill out a paper application, and then submit their applications to a school or one of above-mentioned organizations for certification in order to be considered for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards at the state and national level.

If you represent a middle level or high school or one of the officially designated local organizations listed above, find out more about implementing the programselecting honorees, and recognizing honorees.

If you represent another organization, please encourage your young volunteers to fill out an online application form and submit their applications to their schools or to an officially designated local organization.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Applications.