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Schools & Organizations

Selecting Honorees

Schools and officially designated local organizations (county 4-H groups, Girl Scout councils, American Red Cross chapters, YMCAs and affiliates of HandsOn Network) may select one middle-level Local Honoree for every 1,000 students or members (or portion thereof) in grades 5-8, and/or one high school Local Honoree for every 1,000 students or members (or portion thereof) in grades 9-12. For example, a school or organization with 1,001 students in grades 5-8 can select two middle level Local Honorees, and a school or organization with 1,001 students or members in grades 9-12 can select two high school Local Honorees.

Although you may choose to select your Local Honoree(s) yourself, we recommend using a diverse selection committee made up of the following people:
  • a board member
  • a local government representative
  • a member of a community organization
  • a member of your parent organization
  • a teacher
  • a student
  • a troop leader or youth club representative
  • a local Prudential representative (to locate the nearest Prudential office, visit Prudential's office locator
Prior to judging applications, verify that:
  • applicants are currently enrolled in grades 5-12,
  • community service activities occurred at least in part during the 12 months prior to the application deadline, and
  • all sections of the application forms, including parent/guardian and applicant agreement, are complete.
Judge applications on the following criteria:
  • InitiativeHow much personal initiative was involved in the activity? Did the applicant initiate the activity on his/her own, or demonstrate exceptional leadership or motivation in an already organized activity?

  • EffortHow much time and effort did the activity require? Did the applicant have to overcome significant obstacles?

  • ImpactHow much of a difference did the service activity make? Were a significant number of people affected, or were the lives of certain individuals impacted in a major way?

  • Personal GrowthDid the applicant develop new insights or skills from the experience? Does the application reflect a sound understanding of the importance of serving others?