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Schools & Organizations

Recognizing Honorees

Once a school or officially designated local organization (a county 4-H group, Girl Scout council, American Red Cross chapter, YMCA, or affiliate of HandsOn Network) has selected one or more Local Honorees, it should publicly recognize them to give the honoree(s) appropriate credit for their volunteerism, and to communicate to other young people the importance of volunteer service.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Present program certificates during an assembly, awards presentation, council meeting, student rally, parent meeting, or board meeting prior to February 1. To obtain certificates, call 1-877-525-8491 toll-free.

  • Invite a local Prudential representative to help present the certificates to your Local Honoree(s) and Certificate of Merit recipients (to locate the nearest Prudential office, visit  Prudential's office locator.

  • Fax or phone local news media with a news advisory (a short memo) with the time, date, and place of your award presentation the day before it occurs.

  • Arrange for a photo with you, your Local Honoree(s), and the Prudential representative presenting the awards. Send it to local weekly and daily newspapers with a news release (see Sample Release).

  • Announce your Local Honoree(s) and Certificate of Merit recipients in parent organization, church, school district, and other community publications. Also, encourage your school or organization paper or newsletter to do a feature story. Post a congratulatory message on your building's marquee.

  • Recognize your Local Honoree(s) at a board meeting.

  • Post information and photos of your Local Honoree(s) on your website.

  • Ask your Local Honoree(s) to speak about volunteering at a school assembly or organization meeting.