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Washington Event

Each year in early May, the 102 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards State Honorees take an all expense-paid trip with a parent or guardian to Washington, D.C., for four days of national recognition events.

While in Washington, the honorees share their experiences and ideas with one another, meet top youth volunteers from Spirit of Community programs in other countries, tour the historic monuments and landmarks of the nation's capital, visit their U.S. senators on Capitol Hill, take a dinner cruise on the Potomac River, and are honored at a gala dinner and award ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

During the trip, 10 of the 102 State Honorees are named America's top youth volunteers of the year at a formal luncheon at the Andrew W. Mellon auditorium.

Michael Phelps
Olympic Gold Medalist
Congratulations to all the honorees for the tremendous caring and commitment you’ve demonstrated in serving your communities and helping make the world a better place. Thank you for all that you do to keep up with the great work, as you truly are making a difference.
Hilary Swank
Academy Award-winning Actress
This generation is more socially and culturally aware than any generation before you.  And all of you can be the catalyst to create real change by simply recognizing a need, acting with compassion, to leave the world a better place by your diligent work and your shear presence.
Robin Roberts
Good Morning America Co-Anchor
All I would say to you is to remain patient and persistent…You’re at that age where you’ve got the bullies and you’ve got all that stuff happening. Internalize it. Make it a positive…when you are at your lowest point, think of that. Let that be your energy to go: You know what? I’m going to push through this, I’m going to do that. I always remember this: when fear knocks, let faith answer the door.