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State Honoree

Adrien Lopez


Adrien Lopez, 17, of Valdez High School in Valdez, Alaska, established a unique forum entitled Teens Against Pregnancy to educate young girls about the challenges of being a teen mother. "I knew that if students could be shocked by the realities of becoming young mothers, they might be inclined to think before they get into certain situations," said Adrien, who was motivated by many of her own friends who dropped out of school to care for their children. Attempting to take this important message out of the formal health-education setting, Adrien decided to host a series of eye-opening panels featuring young moms. She worked in tandem with her counselor, health teacher, and a local counseling center to build support for this controversial program among both the school administration and parents. Adrien secured the participation of teen moms and presented four panels to eighth and ninth grade students. Based on the success of the panels, Adrien plans to expand Teens Against Pregnancy into a variety of related projects throughout the community.