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State Honoree

Kari Wise


Kari Wise, 13, of Central Middle School of Science in Anchorage, Alaska, chose volunteering over summer basketball practice when she spent one month assisting residents of a low-income housing project for the disabled. Kari was inspired to help in whatever way she could when she learned from her father, an employee of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, that "not everybody has enough money to just go out and buy anything that they want or even need." Her time was spent visiting with the residents, performing office duties including computer work, and answering telephones. "I realized that there are so many people who need help that I really was doing the right thing by helping them in just little ways," said Kari. Today, Kari is compiling a collection of the residents' favorite recipes along with biographies on each person into a cookbook she hopes will educate others about the plight of the poor and disabled.