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State Honoree

David Adamiec


David Adamiec, 13, of Westbrook Middle School in Westbrook, Connecticut, prepares Kid Packs and School Packs for children who are separated from their families’ due to domestic violence, arrest or drug abuse. The packs are filled with clothes, toiletries, toys, and school supplies, and are often the only things these children have once they are placed in foster care. David, who watched and helped his mom do similar volunteer work for their church, now coordinates much of the project on his own. He spends many hours convincing local merchants and friends to make donations to the project, shops for and purchases the goods, sorts all the donated items for age appropriateness, bundles the packs, and makes the deliveries to the Department of Family and Children Services. David makes presentations in schools and churches to encourage other children to get involved in the project. "I want them to realize that many of us have it easy, and that we should appreciate what we have," said David.