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State Honoree

Alison Nolt


Alison Nolt, 14, of Seaford Middle School in Seaford, Delaware, drew inspiration from her mentally challenged uncle to participate with him on a Special Olympics unified bowling league and swim team. She spends her autumns at the bowling lanes and come January, Alison dives into the swimming program, which culminates in June at the Summer Games. "We were the first team to have a unified swim relay as no one else wanted to do it," said Alison. When Alison is not attending practice, coaching the athletes, or competing in unified events, she is helping to raise money to purchase new equipment, uniforms, and special sporting devices for those with handicaps. Though Alison joined the Special Olympics to help the athletes, she is finding that they are helping her. "The athletes I work with never say never - they may need a little extra help and time, but they never stop trying," said Alison.