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State Honoree

Courtland Kerstetter


Courtland Kerstetter, 16, of Lake Forest High School in Felton, Delaware, organized a food­ vending service at Single A ballparks to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The campaign, which just completed its second year, was an idea Courtland came up with after reading an article in Baseball Weekly. With help from his school advisor, Courtland convinced the general manager of the Wilmington Blue Rocks to allow Courtland to sell soda, hot dogs and popcorn at games to benefit terminally ill children. Courtland bas since recruited six fellow students who now travel with him to additional ball parks in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. In the two years that Courtland has been selling his wares, he has raised $7,000 to fund six wishes through the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. "This experience has left me with the feeling that I can always do more than what I'm already doing," said Courtland. When he graduates, Courtland plans to open chapters across the country. Until then, he is working with the Lake Forest school system to
build interest in the program among elementary students.