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State Honoree

Matthew Green


Matthew Green, 16, of Titusville High School in Titusville, Florida, conceived and created a website offering information and advice for teens, like him, who suffer from Chron's Disease. A Chron's flare-up once kept Matthew home from school for several weeks, at which time he turned to the Internet to find support. When his search turned up nothing, Matthew decided to take matters into his own hands. He learned how to build a website called Teens with Chron's
Disease, which he filled with recipes, information, a message board and a chat room. Matthew has recorded over 13,000 visits to Teens with Chron's Disease, which he updates weekly with new recipes, experiences and advice. In the meantime, Matthew has overcome his fear of discussing his illness with other people. "Now, I can speak easily to other people about Chron's Disease, Matthew said. "I have given something to people far more valuable than a recipe t: I have given them hope.