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State Honoree

Erin Eno


Erin Eno, 13, oflao School in Wailuku, Hawaii, spent her summer days sewing lap blankets and wheelchair bags for the residents of a local nursing home. When her great grandmother recovered from an illness and was discharged from a nursing home, Erin was encouraged to help other nursing home patients. She was told that she was too young to volunteer, so she decided to do something from her own home that could benefit the patients. Erin approached the nursing home director about home-made lap blankets and was told that such a donation would be greatly appreciated. Erin solicited fabric donations from a local factory and sewed 17 lap blankets and 11 wheelchair bags before the summer was over. Her donations were used as Bingo prizes for nursing home patients. If you really want to help, said Erin, "you can always figure out a way."