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State Honoree

Lindsey Wasik


Lindsay Wasik, 18, of Elkhart Memorial High School in Elkhart, Indiana, struggled for three long years to gain support for Kids Engaged in Youth Services (KEYS), a publication she felt would make it easier for interested kids to identify volunteer opportunities. The concept for KEYS came to Lindsay when she was inspired by a friend to volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When that experience did not tum out as she hoped, Lindsay called the governor's office to learn of additional organizations that might need her help. Frustrated by the response she received, Lindsay almost gave up. "My own frustrating experience was my motivation to keep trying to make this program a reality," Lindsay said. Lindsay felt a publication filled with all the information and resources a teen would need to decide how and where to volunteer would solve the problem. After years of trying to persuade various government officials to approve KEYS, Lindsay finally got the support she needed from the City of Elkhart, which will fund the printing of the publication and make it available in community and school libraries, and through youth and government organizations.