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State Honoree

Brock Snyder


Brock Snyder, 11, of St. Pius X Regional School in Bowie, Maryland, presided over Project Rescue Vision, a fund-raising activity Brock created to secure $10,000 in donations to purchase life-saving equipment for his town's fire department. Inspired by a similar campaign run by his brother last year, Brock wanted to ensure that all residents of his town would have a better chance of survival from fire. "I did not want anyone to lose his or her life because of unavailable life-saving equipment due to the lack of money needed to purchase it," said Brock. He recruited assistance from other kids, designed and distributed promotional flyers, obtained donations from local businesses, gave several media interviews, and handled administrative duties. Brock's accomplishments helped purchase three gas monitoring systems for the Bowie Fire Department, one for each fire station.