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State Honoree

Jody Daigle


Jody Daigle, 18, of Wisdom High School in St. Agatha, Maine, took it upon himself to coordinate the restoration of an historical landmark in his town, a 30-foot water tower that used to provide steam locomotives with water. The fact that this landmark existed came to Jody's attention while reading an article about his town's history. Surprised to find that the water tower, with paint peeling and color fading, had historical significance, Jody decided to approach the Historical Society with a plan to restore the tower to its original appearance. The Historical Society approved Jody's plan, and Jody recruited 15 volunteers to assist with the scraping, priming, and painting of the tower. "History is important to every one of us, and restoring an historic site benefits every person who realizes we are a product of our past," said Jody. Just three months later and a total of 40 hours from start to finish, the water tower was completely restored. "All it took was 40 hours to make a difference in the way people view the town's history," Jody said.