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State Honoree

Camila Hoff


Camila Hoff, 17, of Medicine Lake High School in Medicine Lake, Montana, an active 4-H member, noticed a decline in youth participation in both 4-H and scouting, so she planned and implemented a series of special days designed to empower youth. Cami also noticed an increase in vandalism and violence among her peers, and felt that many students simply lacked general life and social skills which could be obtained through involvement in community groups. With the help of her 4-H advisor, county officials, and various other community groups, Cami hosted 12 Youth CAN Adventure Days open to kids ages 5 through 17. Participants rotated through a sequence of stations, led by teen and adult volunteers whom Cami recruited. Each station was intended to teach hands-on skills including winter survival, safety, and exploring the great outdoors. Cami coordinates the scheduling of the events, press relations, secures volunteers, and enlists support for donations. "More youth have become empowered to believe in themselves and to become more self-sufficient," said Cami, who is now publishing a guide book to the Youth CAN Adventure Days so it can be adapted in other communities.