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State Honoree

Daniel Webber

North Dakota

Daniel Webber, 18, of Central High School in Grand Forks, North Dakota, fought the raging flood waters of the Red River as a coordinator for thousands of student volunteers who helped fill and pile sandbags, make sandwiches for volunteers, and monitor the dikes. Working closely with the United Way, the superintendent of schools, the tire chief and others, Daniel devised an on-call system that would deploy teams of 25 students in 4-hour shifts as needed. Daniel got the word out to interested students, coordinated a parent permission slip process, and organized student teams in a computer database. "As the snow began to melt and the river began to rise, my emotion and motivation increased," said Danie whose idea for a network of student volunteers grew out of an Eagle Scout project. "Soon, it was not just an Eagle Scout project, but it became a necessary task that meant the difference between life and death for some." Though the first request for student volunteers came in before Daniel's database was complete, he could pull the students together in a true team effort to get the work done. Close to 2,000 students volunteered, contributing over 31,000 hours toward the effort to help save the city of Grand Forks from the raging river. The Red River eventually won the battle, but the efforts of the student volunteers helped delay the flood to provide time for residents to evacuate.