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State Honoree

Jodi Harper


Jodi Harper, 16, of Northwest High School in Grand Island, Nebraska, developed a board game to teach people about water protection and to encourage citizens to do all they can to protect the supply of safe drinking water. Her interest began six years ago and has grown into a full-fledged effort to help promote water protection as an active volunteer with the Groundwater Foundation. Jodi's board game, Splash, was conceived when she realized that thousands of teens were not able to attend the annual Children's Groundwater Festival, an event for which Jodi has delivered numerous speeches and participated in various workshops. She was determined to reach kids who could not attend the festival with the message of water conservation in a way that was fun and easy. Jodi designed her board game from a national perspective, leading players across the United States through a series of water-related questions. After in-depth research and testing, Jodi completed the final prototype of Splash and will make it available to schools through the Groundwater Festival in March 1998. The Groundwater Foundation recently named Jodi's board game the outstanding groundwater project in the country. "I have tried to show people how human carelessness has greatly reduced the amount of safe drinking water, and to give them tips on how to reverse this situation," said Jodi.