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State Honoree

Jamie McAdoo


Jamie McAdoo, 18, of Elko High School in Elko, Nevada has been tutoring a young autistic boy for the past six years. Jamie met the boy, who is now 8 years old, in a church child care class at which she used to assist. Noticing that he needed extra attention that the busy class could not provide, Jamie offered to tutor him in her own home once each week. Jamie works with the youngster on his communication skills and the alphabet, and uses the computer and music to teach him how to express himself. "The public-school teachers have told his parents that they feel he is doing very well because he has reinforcement at home and with my tutoring sessions," said Jamie. Jamie, who aspires to be a special education teacher due in part to her work with the boy, feels that she has learned as much from him as he has ever learned from her.