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State Honoree

Colin Egbert


Colin Egbert, 18, of Westerville North High School in Westerville, Ohio, saw a poster of a 6- year-old girl in need of a bone marrow transplant and turned his sympathy for her into a campaign to raise funds to offset the costs of finding a matching donor. Noelle was suffering from leukemia, and a bone marrow transplant was her only hope for swivel. A phone call to Noelle's mother inspired Colin to do whatever he could to find a bone marrow donor. He approached his student council, which approved various fund-raisers that Colin coordinated to benefit Noelle's search for a donor. Success at his school led Colin to link with seven other area high schools that also approved fund-raising activities for Noelle. Colin and his crew of student fund-raisers at each of the schools raised $6,400 in just three weeks. The money paid for bone marrow blood tests on 161 people to determine if a match existed for Noelle or for any other person on the National
Bone Marrow Registry. Of the 161, a match for Noelle was not found, but two of those tested were matches for other children in need of a bone marrow donor. Thankfully, a match for Noelle was finally found through the registry. "This experience gave me a greater sense of determination, dedication, and purpose in my life," said Colin. "Making a difference in Noelle's life made a difference in mine."