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State Honoree

Robbie Hanson


Robbie Hanson, 18, of Illinois Valley High School in Cave Junction, Oregon, founded his school's recycling club in 1995, which today helps to recycle close to 30 tons of paper per month in the Illinois Valley. Initially inspired by an article claiming that schools use one third of the world's paper, Robbie took that statistic to his school principal and discussed how he thought his high school could make a difference. Research on local recycling methods brought him to a local sanitation facility, which agreed to work with Robbie to launch the recycling club. What started
as a small club with only four students in one school has since grown to include countless students from four local schools, employees of area businesses, and individual citizens. "It is difficult to imagine that two years ago, no paper was recycled in our community and now, the paper cup I drink from is made from recycled paper from my high school" said Robbie.