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State Honoree

Anibal Lozada

Puerto Rico

Anibal Lozada, 17, of Dorado Academy in Dorado, Puerto Rico, selflessly gave hundreds of hours of his time to complete a variety of projects for the Children's, Adolescents, and Adults Deaf-Blind Institution. Anibal, motivated by a TV commercial that detailed the important work of the institution, helped tum an old garage into a workshop where the patients make ceramics, carpentry projects and other hand-made crafts. "Although the patients are not able to see, hear or talk, I wanted them to have a place where they could feel peace," said Anibal. He solicited donations from local businesses for equipment used in the renovation, and he held bake sales to raise funds to purchase paint, wood, and light bulbs. Anibal enlisted help from his family, friends, and fellow Boy Scouts. "The most beautiful thing in the world is to help your neighbor," he said.