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State Honoree

Laura Berman

Rhode Island

Laura Berman, 16, of North Kingstown High School in North Kingstoh, Rhode Island, took her joy of reading and passed it on to third-grade students in two elementary schools in North Kingstown through a library awareness project. Her project was based on a similar one conducted in the New York City school system that Laura had read about in a magazine. "I have always used the library and had my own library card," said Laura. "I believe that every library should issue a card to every child." Working with a fellow volunteer, the local library system, and the elementary school teachers, Laura designed a classroom presentation that would impress upon children the joys of reading and the activities offered by the local library. Laura also distributed personal library cards to every child, along with a t-shirt purchased with donations that read, your library card ...Don't leave home without it! "The most memorable part of the project was seeing
the look on the children's faces when we handed them their very own library cards," Laura said. 'The program was so successful that Laura has recruited additional volunteer help and plans to offer it at two more elementary schools this year.