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State Honoree

Becca Laptook


Becca Laptook, 17, of J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas, Texas, initiated Giving and Learning Our Way (GLOW) Youth Volunteers, a program which offers teens an outlet to socialize with others while performing community service. Becca and her younger sister manage the group, which now boasts over 250 kids who participate in projects that Becca schedules throughout the year in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Over 55 area non-profit organizations have benefited from GLOW' s volunteer work, including hospitals, shelters and food banks. Becca recently received a state charter for GLOW Youth Volunteers and arranged for the group's non-profit status. Now, her focus will be to train the members in raising funds to build GLOW' s budget and therefore provide even more community outreach. "I have learned that there are many children and adults in the world who need help, and that there are many good teenagers who are very happy to provide that help," said Becca, who hopes to expand GLOWs reach to other states.