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State Honoree

Angela Budge


Angela Budge, 18, of Orem High School in Orem, Utah, persuaded a group of high school students to make stuffed animals and donate them to fire and rescue squads, who could then give the toys to children who were displaced from their homes due to accident, fire or abuse. The idea for the project stemmed from one that took place many years earlier when Angie's sister made the stuffed animals for children being taken to shelters. When Angie learned that the initial supply had dwindled, she decided to reinvent the project and get the Orem High School chapter of FHA/HERO involved. Angie cut and painted 100 faces, and prepared bows and designed patterns for the student volunteers to use when cutting fabric and sewing the stuffed animals together. She promoted the program in her school and was thrilled with the response from 100 students who gave up an entire Saturday to help make 100 stuffed animals for donation. With the help of her sewing teacher and FHA/HERO advisor, all the materials were donated. "One of the local firemen told me that when a child is injured in an accident and needs surgery, he is given a stuffed animal to hold until he is under anesthesia, and then again when he wakes up in recovery," said Angie.