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State Honoree

Jenny Hungerford


Jenny Hungerford, 18, of Parkview High School in Orfordville, Wisconsin, says she wasted nearly three years of her life hooked on drugs and running away from home. When she finally recovered, Jenny decided that her experiences could help others tum away from the temptation of drugs. Working with her mother and using only true-life experiences, she scripted a reenactment called, "Jenny - A Day in the Life of a Teenage Addict," which she and her mom have presented to schools, youth conferences, treatment facilities and community groups since Jenny was only 14 years old. As interest in the performance grew, Jenny's public speaking skills increased and she decided to expand the program with the help of the Wisconsin Association for Runaway Services. Jenny has coordinated most of the logistics herself, from the writing of the script to securing props, producing and distributing press materials, scheduling performances, and soliciting funds. Since Jenny began this unique drug prevention campaign, she has been invited to speak at national conferences to continue motivating others. "I learned that even I, who had once taken so much from the people I care about and from my community, could be a positive and productive citizen," Jenny said.