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State Honoree

Hannah Rogers


founded an environmental club to educate others about the importance of preserving the earth’s natural habitat. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of all things in nature, Hannah felt compelled to teach others to respect the environment as she does. “We all have a child-like curiosity about nature, and like children, we sometimes make poor choices that affect our surroundings in a negative way,” she said. Hannah has recruited help from naturalists, teachers and scientists, who have assisted the club with various educational activities. The club has also conducted aluminum can drives to raise funds for The Nature Conservancy, Whale Watch and Florida Manatees. In one of her club’s biggest successes, Hannah and her fellow club members petitioned, wrote letters and marched to save a local arboretum from being turned into a parking lot. In addition to presiding over the club, Hannah is also captain of the club’s award-winning Envirobowl team.