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State Honoree

Aracely Gurrola


initiated “Line Up to Help,” a fund-raising project at her school to benefit victims of Hurricane Mitch in Central America. Aracely, an active community volunteer on projects such as clean-ups, food drives, and car-wash fund-raisers, felt compelled to do something special after watching news reports of the devastation Hurricane Mitch left behind. She approached her principal and received approval to collect change from fellow students for two days as school let out. Aracely coordinated her efforts with the local St. Vincent DePaul Society, which made arrangements to get the donations into the right hands. Then Aracely recruited several student volunteers to help her make and post flyers promoting the fund-raiser, and to collect the money. In just two days, she collected $250 in loose change from fellow students, money that most students usually spend on candy. “This project reminded us that we at Lowell School are connected to the bigger community, even to people in other parts of the world,” said Aracely.