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State Honoree

Robyn Strumpf


founded “Project Books and Blankies,” a service project that aims to fight illiteracy by providing books along with handmade blankets to children. “My inspiration for this project goes back a number of years when I really struggled with reading in school,” said Robyn. When she overcame her reading problems, she realized that books open many doors, and was troubled to learn that illiteracy is a significant problem today. “I remembered how much I always loved to snuggle up with a cozy blanket and a book, and I hoped that others would also find this enjoyable.” So Robyn began collecting books and sewing vivid quilts with prints that would be attractive to children. She took her idea to local businesses, bookstores, publishers, quilt stores and fabric manufacturers, asking for donations. So far, Robyn has received more than 2,000 books and 300 yards of fabric. She donates the blankets, along with a basket of books, to children’s educational programs in her area. Robyn also reads aloud to children once a week, “hoping that I can show them the magic of books. My goal has been for others to find as much pleasure in curling up with a good book as I do,” she said.