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State Honoree

Alison Brown


organized a “jump-rope-a-thon” to help pay the medical bills of a young girl who was injured in the Columbine High School shootings. When she first met Valeen Schnurr, Alison was devastated by the injuries the young student suffered in the tragic shootings, and wanted to do something to help. Since most kids like to jump rope, she decided to hold a jump-rope-a-thon while on vacation last summer in Illinois, where she used to live. With her mother’s help, Alison began a letter-writing campaign to friends, neighbors, classmates and businesses in her old hometown to seek support. Prior to the event, Alison collected 50 door prizes, 25 dozen cookies to feed the tireless jumpers, and cash donations. Stories about the event appeared in local newspapers, and Alison was interviewed by a television reporter to help promote the event. The attention surrounding the jump-rope-a-thon helped bring out 50 young jumpers, and a nationally known jump rope champion who came to encourage the jumpers. In the end, Alison presented Valeen with a check totaling nearly $3,000 and a scrapbook of sentiments from all 50 jumpers. “The shootings at Columbine were such an awful thing, and it really scared me,” said Alison. “But I learned that there are many nice people out there who want to help.”