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State Honoree

Christi Lockwood


leads the “HELP Club” (Helping Every Living Person), a youth-oriented community service organization she founded when she was just nine years old. “Ever since I was a small child, I have been taught to share whatever I have,” said Christi. After witnessing many people throughout her community who were in dire need of assistance, Christi recruited a small group of friends to undertake volunteer projects. For several years the fledgling club struggled to grow, but Christi refused to be discouraged, continuing her efforts to help others both on her own and with the support of her family. In 1998 she found a faculty sponsor, and her HELP Club took off. More than 100 members now participate in a large variety of local and national community service projects, which range from planting gardens to collecting recyclable soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House. “I wish there were a way to spread the word to other young people that helping others is so great! Helping others is the most freeing, uplifting experience one can ever encounter,” said Christi.