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State Honoree

Milton Boyd

District Of Columbia

developed theatrical presentations to educate teenagers in his city and surrounding areas about the importance of making healthy life decisions. Because of his ability to relate well to other teens, Milton was recruited to join Planned Parenthood’s youth outreach campaign, which promotes non-violence, safe sex, sexual awareness and abstinence, teen pregnancy prevention, and self control. Surrounded by negative attitudes and behaviors, Milton wanted to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. “If young people believe in themselves and have the proper skills and attitude, then we can make educated decisions about our lives which will prepare us for society as a whole,” said Milton. His first task was determining how to present the messages so other teens would listen, so he chose a theatrical approach that combined drama, hip-hop, dance and other theatrical techniques to illustrate the importance of making proper decisions. Milton wrote performance scripts, scheduled rehearsals, recruited a troupe of actors, booked performances, and conducted peer relation workshops. Since 1997, Milton has volunteered over 1,600 hours on this project, and has performed at schools, hospitals, and youth groups, spreading a positive message throughout the district.