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State Honoree

Christopher Zeigler


spearheaded the restoration of a run-down playground at his former elementary school. When Christopher was a student at Forest Oak Elementary, he and other students had helped build the playground, and he has many fond memories of playing there as a child. But after ten years of wear and tear, the playground fell into disrepair. “There were many safety hazards as a result of negligence, and many boards were splintering, even broken,” said Christopher. “A swing bridge I used to play on had been removed, and a slide had been roped off due to a splintered, sharp board near the top. I was sad to see the areas I used to play on in a damaged state.” So Christopher resolved to revive the old playground and approached the school’s principal, who approved the idea. Christopher surveyed the grounds, wrote a repair plan and submitted it to the PTA, which later agreed to cover all expenses. Christopher purchased all of the supplies and recruited volunteers from his Boy Scout troop, his school, and the PTA. He led volunteers over the course of three project days, and restored the playground to its original state.