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State Honoree

Sandy Short


created and directs a youth theater group and summer theater workshops to provide opportunities for students to engage in a safe, fun and artistic activity. “If a student finds a productive activity to be involved in, they will find they do not have time to waste on crime and drugs,” she said. Her own love for performing brought Sandy to the conclusion that a theater group would not only be fun, but would help students gain self-confidence and appreciate their own individual talents. The “Leap of Faith Theaterworks” first came to life when Sandy secured use of the town’s only auditorium for free. Then she solicited local businesses to purchase advertisements in the theater’s journal, which enabled her to pay for costumes, sets and other production costs. For each of the three productions held over the past three summers, Sandy wrote scripts, arranged music, held auditions, handled choreography, designed and built sets, and created lighting. In addition to the shows she’s staged, Sandy has taught voice, drama, dance and music to more than 100 children in her summer theater workshops. “These productions not only made a definite impact on the lives of those who participated, but have also impacted the community’s view of our youth,” said Sandy, who is proud to know that some members of her group have gone on to pursue performing arts careers.