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State Honoree

Gopalkrishna Trivedi


repaired and upgraded 120 obsolete computers to help non-English-speaking students learn and work in English. Gopal was inspired by his computer teacher, who suggested he expand his computer knowledge while helping others. He encouraged two of his computer classmates to help with the project, and the three students proceeded to carry the outdated computers from the school basement to the computer lab. They then inspected each computer to diagnose problems, and replaced all defective parts. “Some of the computers needed new video cards, new sound cards, new CPUs,” said Gopal. “Others had crashed hard drives and we needed to reinstall or replace them.” Once the computers were repaired, Gopal then formatted the hard drives, installed CD-ROM’s, and loaded each with an operating system. Most of these modified computers were donated to students who had recently arrived from Albania with very few financial resources. “The English-speaking software was installed with multi-media capabilities and would teach the students by word, sounds, and video. The program also had projects which would help these students become proficient in speaking English,” Gopal said. Gopal donated the rest of the computers to the school’s science lab and the computer keyboarding lab. “It is really a good feeling when sacrifices are made for other people and those sacrifices actually change some lives for the better.”