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State Honoree

Amy Schlueter


implemented and organized a “Random Acts of Kindness” club at her school. The club is dedicated to promoting and rewarding acts of kindness in school and the community through student and teacher recognition and incentive programs. Infuriated by the media attention the gunmen of the Columbine shooting received in the aftermath of the killings, Amy was inspired to do something that would recognize and encourage kindness, not violence. Since her club began, more than 200 students and faculty members have been rewarded for random acts of kindness, and in February, a community kindness celebration recognized ten members of the community who had made a difference simply by being kind. Each month a student and a faculty member are named the “Kindest Person of the Month,” and at the end of the school year at a formal dinner, the “Kindest Person of the Year” will be named. “Our nightly news provides us with images of savage car crashes, rapes, assaults, mutilated children and gang wars, telling us this is reality,” said Amy. “It is exceptionally rare to hear about people doing good things for one another, and the reality is, random acts of kindness happen every day.”