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State Honoree

Mackenzie Sweeney


organized a fashion show to raise funds for a food and clothing bank in her community. Mackenzie and her mother had volunteered at the bank over the years, and Mackenzie was always saddened by the lack of nice clothes available for needy families to choose from. With this in mind, Mackenzie organized a fashion show to raise awareness of the food and clothing bank, and to collect nice articles of clothing for donation. After receiving approval from the organization’s board members, Mackenzie enlisted the support of an affiliated Girl Scout troop to assist with promotion, modeling and clothing alterations. She set up newspaper and radio interviews, arranged for refreshment donations and modeling instruction, and oversaw the production and distribution of posters and tickets. Mackenzie hoped to draw 50 people to her show; 100 ended up coming. As Mackenzie explained, “If you really care about helping others, you can take any idea and push through any obstacles to make it happen. And you will be really glad you did.”