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State Honoree

Shawn Garner

North Carolina

initiated a reforestation project to repair areas of Medoc Mountain State Park that were damaged by Hurricane Fran. “I felt that for all the times the scouts used the park, we should help give something back, so I asked what I could do to help,” said Shawn. The park ranger showed Shawn the areas worst hit by the storm, and when he realized that the repair was necessary for hikers’ safety, he acted right away. Shawn arranged for a local landscaping company to provide augers and post-hole diggers to plant trees, and he enlisted his entire Boy Scout troop to help. In addition to the tree planting, Shawn decided to repair 100 feet of trail. He drafted plans, obtained state approval, and arranged for timbers, rock, spikes and bolts to do the repair. Shawn and his fellow scouts carried the rock and timber down 300 yards of trail to reach the damaged area. The project, which took one month to complete, involved more than 600 man hours. Shawn was named an Eagle Scout, the youngest in the United States, following this project. Now that Shawn’s work is done, he is helping other scouts finish projects to repair additional trails that were damaged in the storm.