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State Honoree

David Frayser


created a contest at his school based on the NCAA basketball tournament to raise money for the Matt Talbot Soup Kitchen. While serving food with his family at a local soup kitchen, David came up with the idea of capitalizing on the excitement of the NCAA tournament for charitable purposes. After receiving permission from his school principal, David designed posters to publicize and explain the contest, called “Hoops for Hunger,” to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders in his school. He and a friend went to all the classes in each grade to promote the fund-raiser, and two days later they received donations from 94 students. “I couldn’t imagine having nothing to eat, because I have all the food that I want and need,” said David. “The people who come to the soup kitchen inspired me to do this activity -- to help make sure there will always be food for people who are hungry and homeless, especially the children who come,” explained David.