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State Honoree

Gustav Owen

New Hampshire

conceived and organized a school-wide assembly on bus safety and emergency procedures. During his school’s semiannual bus evacuation drills, Gus noticed that his fellow students did not fully understand what to do or why the drills were necessary. He felt that if the students were more aware, they would be better prepared for a true emergency. So Gus approached his principal with the idea of conducting a school assembly on the subject, and began researching the bus driver’s handbook for more information on emergency procedures. He then called a meeting with the bus drivers, the fire chief, an EMT, and a police officer to discuss how to involve the students. Finally, he wrote a plan for an assembly, recruited volunteers to help, and hosted the actual event, which was followed by bus evacuation demonstrations for the entire school. “With all the knowledge the students now have, it will be easier for them to stay calm, act quickly and safely,” said Gus. “If we all work together, we can overcome a disaster if or when it strikes.”