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State Honoree

Julia Tobias

New Hampshire

founded “Youth Across Borders,” a nonprofit fund to benefit a youth center in Bosnia and to raise awareness in own her community about issues of prejudice, tolerance and the Bosnian cause. Julia became inspired to support the Bosnian youth center when a guest speaker from the Institute of Peace spoke at her school about the segregation of Muslim and Croat children. “The youth center is the only place in their community where youth from both sides can unite to interact and learn about peace-building, nonviolence, and conflict resolution,” said Julia. Though thousands of miles away, Julia felt she could make a difference for these young people by providing money for school supplies, teachers and other materials needed to support the center’s ethnic reconciliation programs. She then expanded her mission to promote racial harmony among youth in her city. So far, she has raised $2,500 through various school and community fund-raisers for her project. In addition, Julia is teaching a racial tolerance curriculum to local youth groups. “It seems too often that youth feel powerless to make a difference, when really we have the opportunity to change our communities if we can only find the courage to let our voices be heard,” she said.