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State Honoree

Dennis Cordova

New Mexico

initiated a fund to provide social activities and emotional support to children with cancer, in an effort to repay the kindness shown to him during his own ordeal with the disease. While he struggled with leukemia, Dennis and his family “went through great emotional strain,” and he discovered that other families with cancer-stricken children experienced similar stresses. “I saw the necessity to form an organization to provide support to help cancer children and their families cope,” said Dennis. He began discussions with the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which provided Dennis with the basics to get his organization off the ground. Next, he recruited other cancer kids and families, and members of the community, to volunteer on an advisory panel. Dennis spends up to 30 hours a week planning fund-raisers and activities. Since 1997, he has helped raise more than $4,000 for the Dennis A. Cordova Cancer Fund to host parties, provide movie passes and gift certificates, and cover out-of-pocket expenses for cancer kids during treatment. Recently, the employees of an Albuquerque manufacturing company contributed $15,000 to the fund. Dennis now hopes to considerably expand the types of assistance he can offer to cancer kids and their families.