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State Honoree

Shifra Mincer

New York

repairs clothing for the homeless at a community soup kitchen. Realizing that the soup kitchen’s clients had no one to sew their clothing or repair the bags they used to carry their belongings, Shifra decided to go to the soup kitchen every Monday to ensure that there would be a regular sewing program. “No one wants to walk around with torn, ugly clothing,” Shifra said. “I try to make the ‘guests’ feel at home, like their mothers sewing their clothing. It makes people feel happy to know that someone cares about them.” Shifra buys a variety of basic sewing supplies, then travels by subway each Monday afternoon to the soup kitchen. She has organized a group of volunteer seamstresses to help with the large volume of sewing projects, but stays each week to make sure that every piece of clothing is repaired. “I’ve learned that it’s the little things like sewing on a button or spending week after week sewing the same torn bag that means a great deal to those who feel like they are ‘invisible’ in our society,” she said. “I know that people working together and caring about one another can make a difference in this world.”