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State Honoree

Jennifer Stanton


researched, wrote and helped film a 25-minute documentary on the history of Astoria for the Columbia River Maritime Museum. After learning about electronic media projects, Jennifer was asked by her school district’s technology director to work on a documentary detailing Astoria’s history through the photographs, journals, written records and oral histories of early inhabitants. “I felt that bringing the past alive through modern technology was an important step in bridging the generation gap, by letting the younger generation see how their grandparents and neighbors shaped Astoria,” Jennifer said. Jennifer’s job included researching historical events, writing and editing a script, computer-scanning and -enhancing photographs that were over half a century old, and helping film the documentary. In addition, she created and maintained two Web sites about the project. “By being a part of history in the making, I discovered how important it is to appreciate where I live,” she said. “I was proud to have helped bridge the generation gap in our community.”