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State Honoree

D. Ashley Feldman


coordinated a toy drive and a special visit to mentally and physically disabled patients at the Children’s Hospital. Jose, who says he appreciates the life he’s been blessed with, “compared to those who aren’t able to move, walk, hear, or do what they want,” received permission from his principal to host the toy drive at his school. He promoted the drive to all the teachers and students, and recruited several members of the National Junior Honor Society, of which Jose is president, to help. Jose was responsible for delegating tasks, such as collecting the toys at the drop-offs, wrapping them, buying candies and making candy bags. When it came time to deliver the toys, Jose and his group brightened up the patients’ day with “candies, balloons, happiness and love. Although these children are physically and mentally handicapped, they showed me that to communicate, you don’t need your voice,” said Jose. Jose plans to continue the toy drives and hopes to visit more patients and more hospitals to spread the happiness and love further.