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State Honoree

Caroline Faflak

South Dakota

volunteers with SPURS, a rehabilitation program that provides horseback-riding lessons for physically and mentally disabled children and adults. While looking for a place to take riding lessons, Caroline discovered the SPURS (Special People Using Riding Skills) program. After learning more about the program, she decided that instead of taking private riding lessons, she’d prefer to volunteer and assist disabled people in their rehabilitation. “I felt it was important because it helps other people and yet I could be around horses,” said Caroline. Her duties as a SPURS volunteer include grooming, saddling and feeding the horses, cleaning stalls and equipment, and assisting SPURS participants with their riding lessons. “It is great to see how the riders relax and enjoy something they probably never even thought they could do,” she said. “I hope to be in SPURS for a long time because it is so much fun and it feels so good helping other people.”