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State Honoree

Kevin Cable


initiated a letter-writing campaign to governors across the country to encourage them to proclaim a special Weapons Awareness Day. “Every single boy I know in my grade has access to guns and ammunition in their homes,” said Kevin. “I know that they sometimes play with these firearms when their parents are not at home.” In the fall of 1998, Kevin asked the governor of Tennessee to encourage all parents in the state to count and lock up their firearms. As a result, June 15 was named Weapons Awareness Day in Tennessee. Kevin then wanted to reach as many people as possible with his message, so he sent letters to every governor asking them to do the same. South Carolina joined the effort when its governor proclaimed May 23-28 Youth Stop the Violence Week, and Kevin is continuing to urge other states to make weapons control a priority. In addition to Kevin’s Weapons Awareness Day efforts, he has personally sewn and distributed more than 300 “toboggans” for needy children in his area to wear on their heads during cold weather. “Young people need to stop turning our heads when we see kids who are cold, or just laughing when our friends talk about playing with their parents’ guns,” said Kevin. “We need to do something to help everyone we can.”