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State Honoree

Shannon Babb


helped improve a nature and walking trail for the handicapped. After noticing a weedy, treeless area near the Utah State Development Center, Shannon found out that the land was supposed to be part of a nature trail for the handicapped, but there wasn’t enough money available to improve it. “I thought it would be neat to help out and get my 4-H club involved,” she said. Shannon worked with the grounds supervisor to design a rest area complete with cement pad, bench and trees. Small corporate and government grants supplied money for building materials, a bench and trees. Volunteers from Shannon’s 4-H club helped weed, remove rocks and rake the surrounding area after Shannon and her father dug and leveled a large spot for the cement pad. Four sycamore trees were planted around a sturdy concrete bench, resulting in a shady, peaceful rest area for handicapped individuals and their families who use the trail. “It felt good to know that so many people would enjoy sitting on the bench under the shade trees,” said Shannon.