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State Honoree

Ann McGinnity


created and coordinates the “Grand Tutoring Project,” a school-wide mentoring and tutoring program that places high school volunteers in four area elementary schools for group and one-on-one tutoring activities. After tutoring a fifth-grader with mild learning disabilities, Ann realized that there were many other at-risk children in need of a coordinated tutoring and mentoring program. She successfully applied for a grant to fund her project, then presented her idea to teachers and school administrators. During the first year of the project, more than 50 student volunteers participated in tutor training programs. Twenty-five of these students were then placed in permanent tutoring assignments. Additional grants and scheduling support from her school administration enabled Ann to expand her program during the second year of operation. More than 330 elementary students have benefited from Ann’s project. In addition, 165 high school students and 40 elementary and high school staff members have volunteered their time and talents to the project. “Each time we tutor, more things get accomplished,” Ann said. “Little hands reached up for big hands and bonds were formed. In creating this program, I have learned that change happens one person at a time.”