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State Honoree

Beau Ballinger


organized his school’s drama and comedy clubs, and has helped stage fund-raising productions at a local senior citizens center and a local church. Once an active athlete, Beau suffered an injury that sidelined his sports activities. Looking for something else to keep him busy in his rural town, Beau auditioned for the school play and landed the lead. Since then, his interest in theater has developed into a passion that has enabled him to serve his community at the same time. He has helped produce a cabaret-style theater production for the local senior center, which not only provided much-needed entertainment, but raised $1,500 toward the purchase of a new bus for the group. After the enthusiastic community response to the cabaret, Beau decided to start a drama club and a comedy club at his school. He wrote and presented a proposal to the administration and school board, received approval, wrote scripts, directed productions, and planned a rehearsal schedule. Money raised at drama club performances go back to the club to pay for scripts and scenery for future productions. “Making people laugh, and having a good time while helping others, is a great experience,” Beau said.